Below is a collection of items we highly recommend from some of our affiliate program stores. We’ll do our best to update these links regularly as we seek to find the best prices we can for you. Many of our findings have Prime shipping, as well as Walmart+ for those listings, just in case you have an existing membership and need to get them fast!

Remember – we’ll keep these here for now, but as we get retailer accounts, we will hopefully be able to offer these directly to you!

Lures and Jigs

Daiwa SP Minnow – Bone

A true staple for the tackle box. Don’t leave home without it!

  • Floating
  • 6″ length
  • 2x treble hooks

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitch Bait – Multiple

A good addition for those chasing stripers and gator blues!

  • Sinking
  • Multiple colors and lengths available
  • 2x treble hooks

Berkley Gulp Swmming Mullet – Pearl 3-in.

Try out a few different color combinations to see what works for you, but this is the extra somethin’-somethin’ that we like to add to our high-low bucktail rigs.


Fishing Line


Kayak Fishing

After the Catch