Hi there! Rosie and family here…

Rosie is our daily inspiration. As her name suggests, her disposition is super sunny, and her world is full of adventures and opportunities. It was this entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Rosie’s Bait and Tackle. Because, to us, fishing is more than just a past-time. It’s (a bit of) an obsession, as well. But most importantly, it’s an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a place for so many firsts, personal bests, photo ops, and the start of “it was THIS big” stories. So, if we’re not mingling with the locals out on the jetties, we’re hitting the water in our kayaks looking for the next adventure that we’ll remember for a lifetime.

Our Online Store

Eventually, we plan to have our own brick and mortar store, because it’s a MUCH better way to interact with people and truly help them find the tackle and equipment they need. Until then, we’re doing our best to provide the best we can in hand-tied flies, rigs, and many other fishing needs through our online offerings.

Rosie’s Custom Rods

Looking for something a bit more… custom? Rosie’s is happy to offer custom rods, built in-house and designed to fit a variety of purposes and budgets. It’s not just for looks, either! We focus on each minute detail in the build, ensuring that the rod has a good balance, proper alignment, and has been correctly spined. If we aren’t proud to put our name on it, then it doesn’t leave the shop!

Rosie’s Bait and Tackle

P.O. Box 5216

Wakefield, RI 02880